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dream.20051101: Cindy Sherman

by Rob Friesel

Work is now for some reason situated in a high school classroom. Computers have all been replaced with spiral notebooks and walls with chalkboards. I’m surrounded by all the same people though, each detail otherwise exactly the same except slightly scaled down perhaps to fit into those beige desk/chair things. I don’t like it here for obvious reasons. Through the course of the regular conversation (work having been replaced with rhetoric), someone makes a sly reference to Cindy Sherman. A guy whom I would have figured (don’t ask why) would know who she was and what she did looked around the room with one eyebrow raised. “Who?” I open mouth to give the brief bio as I understand it but before I can, someone else (a woman whom I would not have expect to know about CS) launches into this elaborate and thorough description of Sherman’s life, influences, philosophies, artworks, etc. Then for some reason SMCM professor Sue Johnson enters the classroom to make a few corrections and critical additions. But that’s all she had time for.

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