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dream.20051126: anti-heroes

by Rob Friesel

Throughout the week we’ve been eating at this long table. Very Thanksgiving-ish – – but it’s been more/less a physical manifestation of this RPG that we’ve been playing. It’s a Marvel/City-of-Heroes sort of thing where everyone has super-powers but they’re only really applicable in the game context. It all gets kind of weird because the game context isn’t fixed and neither is the reality context. So half the time I’m very much mundane ol’ me and the other half of the time I can manipulate sound and shoot shock waves at my opponents (though it takes the first two or three days to get the powers well-defined and under control). I’ve been monitoring the attrition of players throughout the week (tournament style) and have been assigned The Task of wrapping up loose ends whenever there’s unfinished business. By the third or fourth day of the tournament, we don’t need a GM anymore (not that it was me to begin with) because the game environment has more/less taken on a life of its own.

At first this is convenient. Then we realize that the whole twisted Global-Warming-On-Speed threat is starting to come true and it’s really fucking with the weather.

By day five, The number of players is down to about ten and we need to split off into separate rooms in order to continue. A & I & Adam & Sue move our contingent into one of the adjacent rooms with the first order of business being to get a bit of relaxation and some eating in. It’s at this time that the game’s villain (Clint Mansell from PWEI?) appears to taunt and possibly harm us. Mostly he’s there to harrass. A has left the room out of disgust but Adam and Sue have remained, at least for now. It’s obvious that Clint Mansell is the mastermind behind the Global Warming scheme and we’re trying to determine how to handle it. But not until after we’ve eaten.

Somewhere in the course of this, Adam makes a veiled remark to Sue. Clint Mansell takes the comment and runs a little twist on it, making a comment at Sue that’s basically a come-on and very inappropriate. We all sort of look at each other thinking Did He Just Say That? when I get to my feet and point this out to Clint Mansell. The fact that he’s just made a sexually charged come-on to a friend while her partner was sitting right there. (Unfortunately (and probably because we were “real world eating”) my super powers are in the “off” position.) Adam does the same at about that second as well. And it becomes questionable whether we should kill him out-right for the affront or if we’ll need him to turn back this Global Warming thing. (Sue’s call?)

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