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dream.20051130: school

by Rob Friesel

I’m about 15 years old but have somehow snuck myself into this 4th grade field trip with three other guys. A true-to-life/in-the-flesh Ms. Hoover (from The Simpsons) is the class teacher. The field trip is to some school (a high school?) that’s 6 stories high. I have some kind of vendetta to extract here. Three very specific goals. Sneaking out and away from the rest of the class seems to be trickier than expected. (This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise; we’re substantially older than everyone else.) We do manage to slip away and dart down a series of stairs that seem very reminiscent of those seen in the Tyler/Narrator showdown in Fincher’s Fight Club. We run down those stairs, skipping over as many as we can.

There’s a group of other students (8th graders?) waiting at the bottom to engage us in combat. They’re tougher than they look.

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