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book jacket edition

by Rob Friesel

Since a couple of folks asked, here is the “book jacket” edition synopsis of the project to which I’ve alluded a couple times now. So:

After the Soy Wars, the world is a patchwork of wastelands and closely guarded communities managing their individual recoveries through a confederacy called the Sovereignties Parliament. Scattered along the borders of these communities, refugees gather, fleeing from the growing Quarantine Zones and the certain death that follows in the wake of a plague known only as The Blisters. Melissa and her Soy Guild crew have stolen a mysterious device from one of the Sovereignties and now try to make their escape, every avenue seemingly compromised and “the cone” becoming more and more a threat all on its own. Meanwhile, PI/mercenary Grey Madder is called up by an old associate to investigate a murder at a state-of-the-art hotel whose primary victim has no apparent cause of death and whose personal effects appear to have minds of their own. But after Grey’s evidence leads him to Melissa, the two are approached by a member of an underground organization called the Bodhisattvas who explains that “the cone” is a mixed blessing that could potentially clean up the quarantines or else expedite human kind’s next major step.

Hope that’s not too over the top. Hard to get everything into a 200-words-or-less version.

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