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dream.20051224: broken pr0n

by Rob Friesel

While I’m working from home one day, A. gives me a CD-R of porn vids that she downloaded from all over the P2P networks. All kinds of raunchy, nasty stuff, she says. Or it’s supposed to be. The problem (she says) is that all the video files are corrupt and she wants me to fix them. I agree to it since it seems like an interesting challenge. So I set up some little utility to re-render the videos in the background while I work on this document (I’m re-writing a bunch of literature for some finance company for some reason). Things start to get complicated though because the videos distract me from my work and it seems like every time I check on the status of the re-rendering, A. comes walking back into the room and I get all embarrassed – – like she’ll be mad that I’m watching them. So I’ll toggle back to Word and try to plow through this document’s edit (which are making less and less sense as I get further into it) and then she’ll leave and I’ll toggle back. And then she’ll come back and ask me how far I’ve gotten in the re-rendering process and I’ll get all embarrassed again and confused because I know consciously that this is something she asked me to do but I feel wrong doing it.

note: yes, this is back-dated….

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