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dream.20060127: a trip to Mexico?

by Rob Friesel

I’m on the [tag]St. Mary’s[/tag] campus and they’ve recently installed a new outdoor theater. The theater reminds me of that famous one from [tag]Central Park[/tag] except that this one is partly underground. I’m there to witness a dress rehearsal of some student-written play (or perhaps the writer was a graduate, I cannot recall). A friend of mine has been cast in the lead role and while I’m watching, his boyfriend has been sitting with me, occasionally making remarks and asking me questions. They’re both a couple years younger than me (which makes sense because they’re both seniors). Somewhere in the midst of all this, I notice that gravity has stopped functioning properly and I’m capable of pushing myself up into some major jumps; not quite flying but close enough. At one point, the boyfriend asks if I’d come with them on a trip to [tag]Mexico[/tag]. They’ve got several other folks coming along as well. They’re trying to get a package rate. I ask him how they plan to get to Mexico: hasn’t it been blocked off for some time now? He agrees that the quarantine has made it difficult to see the sites but it’s certainly not impossible. We would drive down to this private airport in Florida. From there, we take a flight to South America and then Mexico is just a quick car ride and a one day hike away. I tell him that I’m interested (because I don’t want to hurt his feelings) but inside I’m trying to think of a way out.

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