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Exxon-Mobil with record profits?

by Rob Friesel

[tag]Exxon-Mobil[/tag] reports 2005Q4 as being one of record profits. $10.7 billion in profits.

Revenue rose 20 percent to $99.7 billion as rising demand and hurricanes lifted prices for oil, natural gas and gasoline. Full-year revenue was $371 billion, pushing Exxon Mobil past Wal-Mart Stores Inc. as the largest U.S. company by sales. The average U.S. profit on refining crude into gasoline and other fuels widened to a record of almost $11 per barrel processed.

And all this time I thought that the pinch of the supply side would cut into profits. How naive of me… Now that I have this straight: just gouge, you can make up any cover story you want and report record earnings.

Remember: That’s a profit bigger than Russia’s economy.

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