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Smart Playlists? Broken!

by Rob Friesel

While everyone else seems to be harping on themini-store-as-spyware” angle of the 6.0.2 update to iTunes, I’ve noticed something else that seems to have gotten NO MENTION throughout this flurry:


In the spirit of Hofstadter: “Try it!”

Click to create a new Smart Playlist. Now set your condition to “My Rating”:

My Rating is broken

…and try to set those stars to anything but 5.  Maybe 2 works, right?  What about 3?  4?  Snaps back to 5, doesn’t it?  When I first noticed this on Malkovich (my iMac), I thought maybe it was a problem with my 3rd party mouse (a Logitech trackball which is pretty basic, as far as trackballs go, and has never before given me any problems) – – but the issue persisted when I swapped it out for the standard Apple optical mouse that ships with the iMac out of the box.  CURIOUS!  Tried it on KetelOne (the iBook) using just its built-in trackpad.  No luck there either.

Can I get a WTF?  Personally, I’m not all that worried about the mini-store thing.  Hell, I practically asked for it not too long ago – – but I use these Smart Playlists ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME.  So needless to say, I’m pretty pished about this.  This is Quality Control at its worst.  When features – – SIMPLE UI FEATURES – – break when they’d previously worked fine.  Anyone want to provide me with an excuse for that?

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