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3 old dreams

by Rob Friesel


A flooded world? All the rooms seem to be filled with water. Are they all swimming pools? I’ve fallen in love. She’s blonde and quiet and avoidant. She’s part of the resistance. The police enforce their law with flying potatoes, fifty times their normal size, bristling with antenna.

Fall 1990?


I’m driving a car. But only from the back seat. I must wrap my arms and legs around the front seat. It’s awkward but I have my hands on the wheel and my feet poised over the pedals. What I can’t do is see. And I keep trying to wriggle the driver seat free but it does not budge.

Summer 2002?


Zombie love. The house is the Whispering Wind Court house of my childhood. At least, it seems to have the same layout. Everything is dim but illuminated. Like the sun has been replaced with a 60,000 Watt blacklight. She waits for me in the living room. Dead grey flesh and neon lips. It’s all dead. I’m the only thing that’s alive. But the dead bring you in.

Spring 1996?

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