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dream.20060404(b): DIY MacBook

by Rob Friesel

A MacBook Pro has arrived with my name on it.  Excited, I clear off some desk space to get it set up.  Carefully, I unwrap the box and ease the box open.  Cautiously and with gentle movements do I withdraw the interior styrofoam casing from the cardboard box.  And I flip that comparment open to reveal…  A “some assembly required” MacBook Pro.

Oh, it’s all there.  The outer case, the logic board, the LCD, the hard drive.  Everything.  Everything is just separated into individual anti-static bags.  Atomized and each piece to its own.  Rummaging through the box’s contents, I eventually find the assembly directions.  And quickly discover that it’s a DIY “some assembly required” edition of the new portable.

And I apparently need to supply my own screws.

I tear through the house looking for the right screws.  I disassemble eyeglasses and try those.  Nothing works.  And those evil bastards haven’t supplied any information on where to obtain those necessary fasteners.

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