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dream.20060524: comic haggling

by Rob Friesel

Comic book shop in a mall, clearly constructed in the 1980s; garish and wild and cheaply constructed.  There for a limited edition hand drawn, signed first run Mega-Tokyo; pencils and ink.  Background: video testimonial by a Howard Stern look-a-like; in one scene he’s all long hair and leather jacket and then he’s at the bottom of a well, all short hair and looking more like Danny Howells.  Haggling over the price of the comic; here to claim it as rightfully mine.  No discounts, they reply.  Caught them: what about the kid before me?  (He’d been given three things for free.)  The owners explain that it’s the kid’s history, it’s that the kid was returning something, it’s that they were making good to a long-time client (the kid).  The owners look like a latter-day Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.  They know they’re caught but they’ll make a best evasive effort just the same.

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