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dream.20060801: my friend’s baby

by Rob Friesel

A. & I emerge from a car (not our car?) at the home of friends, a couple about our age.  The She of the couple looks exactly as I know her but He has grown.  He is now a little taller and much fatter.  And not only that, his whole demeanor has changed; he’s awkward around people and shy and not quite sure what to say or how to present himself.  We’re here to see their baby.  (Are we babysitting?)

What strikes me as particularly odd is how she explains that though she gave birth to the child, she was not actually pregnant.  She just woke up one morning in labor.

She’s all smiles despite the fact that she’s utterly terrified of her own baby with its plastic-looking skin and coarse brown fur.  A. admits quietly to me that she’s not sure she feels comfortable watching this baby for any length of time.

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