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dream.20060814: kids in the hall

by Rob Friesel

I’m inside of an infomercial come to life.  It’s all about this machine: The Water Master.

The Water Master takes over everything water-related in your home.  Dish washing?  The Water Master has it under control.  Laundry?  The Water Master again.  Boiling water for soup?  The Water Master.   Cool drink of?  You guessed it.

Sure it takes up a whole wall but it eliminates the need for everything else except the toilet.  And it’s got a friendly interface, too.  The main console has a pair of friendly-looking feed sticking out and a hand that emerges should you need to exchange anything (say: a tumbler).

Only I discover that once it’s installed, the hand reaches out to hand you a glass of water only to grab you and drag you inside.  Turns out that a comedy troupe is using this “Water Master” as a scheme to get inside people’s homes and kidnap them for slave labor on their show.  I meet a couple of cool people inside but none of us can figure out a means of escape.

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