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dream.20060829: curb it, loser

by Rob Friesel

Beck and Larry David have both been called in to compete on a guest-written episode of West Wing. The studio is all a-buzz about it and is mobbed with the press (somehow, word has gotten out). Beck keeps telling the show’s producers that he’s not sure why they’ve asked him to write an episode. “I’m a musician,” he keeps explaining but they want him anyway. Larry David keeps putting pressure on him, basically making an ass of himself in an effort to force Beck to make an ass of himself. Beck wants to do an episode that focuses on a young black Congresswoman from a Southern state. Larry David wants to focus it on the president but to have it cameo the president from Command-In-Chief like it’s all some kind of dream. Larry David’s antics eventually cause Beck to simply leave, saying that he doesn’t want to put up with the bullshit and that he’d rather just get sampling privileges from the show for his songs rather than put up with Larry’s crap. So Larry gets to write the show.

QUICK CUT to the episode, which does wind up focusing on the young black Congresswoman from a Southern state but he places her in the show as late for the congressional session, further delayed at Burger King when (at 10:59 am) they claim that they can’t (won’t?) prepare another bacon and egg sandwich (which they allege to be out of) but that she can’t just have a burger instead because those don’t come out until after 11:00. And of course, she leaves the scene in a rage right as someone from the back of the Burger King puts out a tray of about 200 burgers.

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