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Mt. Hunger & Other Things

by Rob Friesel

After one hell of a week, A. & I decided to take the Friday off to regroup and recupe. A little time outdoors seemed like the perfect way to get our heads at least a little back together. So we jammed out to [tag]Mt. Hunger[/tag] to do that climb. She’d done part of it before but had to quit halfway through and I’d merely made it to the parking lot last spring (where we were clearly unprepared for the apparent snow drifts near the summit). And so after a slow morning of breakfast and light chores, we made an afternoon hike of it.

Perfect day for it, too. Got home, rounded up the snaps from the hike, decided I had enough pseudo-panoramics to make a set of those, and made a quiet night of it. However, there is a quick story worth telling:

On the drive back up to [tag]Burlington[/tag] from [tag]Waterbury[/tag], we got caught in a little bit of the traffic slow-down on I-89 near [tag]Bolton[/tag]. (Where all the construction is…) Traffic hadn’t narrowed to one lane yet but it was a little stop-and-go for a few minutes. At one point, a man in a brand new Mercedes-Benz pulls up along side us and rolls his window down.

Getting There Is Half The Fun“EXCUSE ME!”


“How long have you had that Rabbit?”

“About a month.”

“How do you like it?”

“I love it.”


Window rolls back up.

True story.

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