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the tough path

by Rob Friesel

It’s been a while since I last posted any excerpts from my draft.  Due in part to the nasty nature of our move, the project just sort of fell off my radar for a while.  Not to suggest that it was not in the back of my mind but it’s a little hard to make time for it when you’re slinging boxes etc.

But the past week or so has seen a resurgence of the internal writing spirit in me.  I’ve been back into my journaling and free-writing, getting my brain in gear for a new project.  That process is unfortunately tainted by the knowledge that nothing has come of my previous project yet.  I have a draft that could be good enough to send out for publication attempts.  But the feedback I’ve gotten has been little and not always actionable.  (Or else questionably actionable.)  I never once thought that writing constitutes an easy path.  So much of it requires solitude or else near solitude.  That part isn’t necessarily the challenge.  But you can’t detach yourself from your own work easily all the time.  (A battle that seems to follow me around no matter what the context.)  Part of me says to get cracking on that next project, move on.  The other part of me wants closure.

Thus do I empty out some of these circular thoughts.

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