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dream.20061010: climbing inside outside

by Rob Friesel

I’ve come to visit a friend (B.G.) and hang out for a bit.  Seems his house has been moved to inside an old fortress on an island.  The fortress walls are probably 100 feet high.  He lets me in through one of the gates (I’ve rowed across a lake to get here).  Once inside, he starts to show me around.  For fun (he says) he likes to climb up new parts of the fortress and explore.  His family only recently moved in and they bought the place for a song; it’s probably worth billions and they’re just having the time of their lives exploring all of its various corners and crevices.

We climb up this one particular wall and get up to a particularly high vantage point.  We can see most of the island and the surrounding waters.  (I can’t believe I rowed across all that…)  He runs a bit of line to secure us and explains that we need to climb up over part of the wall and scoot along the edge before jumping down and across to the next ledge.  “It shouldn’t be a big deal,” he explains, prodding me onward.  But I’m real hesitant and we spend many minutes surveying the space.  The drop feels too high and too risky to me.

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