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dream.20061011: smashed glasses, emissions

by Rob Friesel

My dad (assuming the form of Junior from The Sopranos) has a plan for cutting Canada’s automobile emissions by some absurd percentage.  It will be a big adjustment but this is something that must be done.  There will be lots of unhappy people and they may need to unpleasantly enforce the new policy but it is necessary for the future.  He’s already dragged me along to several “driveway inspections” and I’ve got the broken glass in my shoe’s treat to prove it.

We enter a Borders and descend some stairs to enter a secret room in the basement where Family members have gathered to discuss this plan and how to move forward with it.  Christopher and Adriana are there and my dad snubs her in some small way that he and I would never think of as snubbing.  For her however, it’s the last straw.  She sneaks off and finds some martini glasses that have been coveted by My Dad Junior for decades.  She starts smashing them with oranges, as though she were trying to stacked the stemmed glasses with an orange in between each one.  I catch her and try to chase her down.  I chase her out into the courtyard, Christopher chasing me, the whole courtyard slowly filling with smoke.

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