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dream.20061226: quadrilateral

by Rob Friesel

I am trying to clear my name.  A building: square, central courtyard cut-out, offices along the sides and stairwells at the corners.  I’m here with a small crew?  You all wait outside while I try and clear my name.  An interview?  An interrogation?  Some simple misunderstanding?  The office is empty when I go inside.  Do I steal the evidence?  Is there even evidence?  Would that even work to clear my name, stealing?  Smash!  Turn, run.  Around and around the building we (I) go.  Take corners, take them sharp.  Up and down stairs?  Chase.  Chasing.  Be chased.  Flee; run and hide.  Lose your bearings.  Where are we?  Where am I?  What are you still doing here, my friends? Has my name been cleared or must I continue to run?

There may be a moral to this story.

“Wild Bill” Hickock narrates.

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