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dream.20070112: other people’s property

by Rob Friesel

A. & I are Rosa Saxon and Sammy Clay respectively (née Rosa Saks and Samuel Clayman) and we’re having a small-ish get-together at our place.  Close friends mostly; a little drinking, nothing too out of control.  Until we move it out on the deck (we’re at my parents’ old Gaithersburg townhouse) and some of the women in the bunch go into a little “out of control” routine.  One second I turn around to pick up my drink from a table and when I turn around they’re (all three) poised on the edge of the deck railing in thongs, doing a little strip tease of a dance.  A. & I are both horrified and try to urge them down and back inside.  “You’ll get us all thrown in jail!”  (That sort of thing.)

And then a couple of things happen more/less simultaneously.  Just as the first friend is coming down off the railing, our neighbors on the one side (an Indian couple, his name being Murry) pop out onto their deck and then from inside of our place, I hear a crash.  A./Rosa has things under control out here, so I run inside to find the railing on the stairs broken.

The party breaks up and A. & I sit on the stairs trying to think this through.  Somehow we conclude that the railing’s breakage was somehow Murry’s fault.  As we’re sitting there trying to figure out how to conclusively prove it, there is a knock at the door.  “Come in!”  Murry and his wife enter.  We discuss the railing’s breakage and Murry admits that it was them but basically the same thing happened inside their place when our friend (J.M.?) was on the railing stripping.  We agree to call it a draw (they are really understanding about the whole mess) and try to keep it civil.  They’ve always been good neighbors after all, and they have the cutest little baby girl.

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