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dream.20070125: no shoes, no glasses

by Rob Friesel

We’re leaving A.’s parents’ house which is in my parents’ old neighborhood; we’re driving A.’s dad’s car. (When did he get a Buick?) We’re both in the back seat and she is driving from the passenger side. It’s slow-going because she admits to a slight panic: “I forgot my glasses and my shoes! You need to drive…” I forgot my glasses and I explain that I really can’t drive without them. As we get closer to the exit of the neighborhood, she starts to insist that I take over. “I can’t drive, I’m not wearing any shoes!” And of course, I can’t drive because I’m not wearing my glasses. Practically on top of the turn now, I clamber over the seat to get into the front and take the wheel. Because I’m not wearing my glasses, my depth perception is messed up and I nearly slam into the back of the truck in front of us. A slam on the brakes and quickly jam a U-turn to take us back to the house. Can’t drive without shoes and definitely not without glasses.

Once back in the driveway, Amy’s dad shakes his head. “Of course you guys can’t get too far. You’ve got a flat tire.” But why does a Buick have the tires from a lawn mower? Amy’s dad drugs and explains that the only real fix is to wash the flat tire with his power washer.

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