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Office 2008 for Mac screenshots surfacing

by Rob Friesel

office2008publishinglayout.jpgVia TUAW: It appears that screenshots of Microsoft’s Office for Mac 2008 edition are starting to surface; they’ve got a gallery up following some Macworld demos. Say what you will about Microsoft and/or the Office suite in particular but for a lot of us… Well, my Pages demo didn’t really win me away from years of working with Word. And I don’t do enough presentations to even care about Keynote vs. PowerPoint. (Besides, you know what the kids say about PowerPoint…)
Anyway, from these screenshots, it looks like a pretty major improvement from the cobbled-together-feeling UI that the 2004 edition seems to lean so heavily on. It’s got a bit more polish, at least. I know I’ll certainly be glad to be rid of that floating toolbar; attaching it to the window will be nice because (if they comply with the OS UI standards) I’ll be able to quickly show/hide it with “the pill” up in the top-right. That said: (1) not sure I’m down with the woodgrain effect and hope that’s easily turned off and (2) what’s up with the mixture of palettes and those floating semi-transparent film “pro palettes” in the UI? (Pick one? Please?) At any rate, I must admit that I’m looking forward to the upgrade.

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