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Digging Out

by Rob Friesel

Buried Alive (part 2!)

Spent most of the day alternating between shifts outside digging out from under the snow and shifts inside logging in to do work1. It was crazy how even after the snow stopped falling, it got worse before it got any better. All that said, I am sore but it was a beautiful day (unless you were driving) and that made it bearable to shovel. And though our recycling never got picked up, I did get some cool shots when I walked down to the store in the evening.

(See the complete set on Flickr.)

  1. Originally I planned to get us “sort of” dug out and then snowshoe in (like I had yesterday) but A. took the snowshoes first. No problem, I thought to myself, we have two pair. But then I remembered that the other pair was buried in the car. []

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