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Rattlesnake Cliffs

by Rob Friesel

In lieu of a weekend wrap-up:

Rattlesnake Point snowshoe #549

Rattlesnake Cliffs. The write-up in the hiking guide didn’t make it sound so tough. But I think they assume you’re doing the climb in the summer. With an elevation of around 1,100 it doesn’t sound so impressive. But I forgot how much extra resistance the snow can add. Even with the snowshoes.1 It was totally worth it though. Great views, perfect weather for a winter snowshoe hike. Just great. Some other highlights:

A. on the bridge...

icicle tip

See the whole set as a slideshow on Flickr. Don’t miss the panoramic I took at the top. And also the sunset shots from Overlook Park.2

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  1. Which, might I add, kept coming off my boots for some reason. I blame the bindings. Design flaw! []
  2. We were in the right place at the right time for those, that is for sure. []

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