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by Rob Friesel

Buried Alive

It’s been snowing all day. Snowshoed in to work only to return (via snowshoe) a few hours later. It keeps coming down, steady and fast. NOAA is already reporting accumulations of about 16 inches or more with another 8-12 inches expected. Single digits all day (but that’s nothing new…) and wind at 15-25 mph. Current temperature is 5 degrees Fahrenheit — “feels like” -12… And I can barely see out of my windows.

Stay warm, stay safe.

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Mary says:

I heard this morning Burlington got 25 inches, a record snowfall! Here in Cape E we only got just under 10 inches. But the wind gusts were 62 mph at times. But some real snow, finally! Just in time for a ski weekend.

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