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by Rob Friesel

Vermonters: you may have heard about the “sledder’s paradise” track in Hinesburg? Some friends of mine built that. Let me just say, it’s awesome:


Hinesburg Sledding #1013I managed to get out there yesterday for a couple of runs in the afternoon.  Incredibly fun stuff.  We experimented with a few different styles of sleds…  It’s interesting how the shape, size, and materials can effect the speed and performance.  The track appears to be optimized for “the torpedo” sled style1 but tons of different kinds get going remarkably fast.  Watch out for those turns though — if you don’t know how to steer, you’ll quickly find yourself flipped.  Too much fun to pass up though.  You can get going quite fast, let me assure you of that.

See more pictures on Flickr.

  1. A small, narrow, plastic sled about three feet long. []

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JDS says:

Some friends and I created a 650′ run on Barre’s old ski hill, Skyline (next to Rt. 62). It included some amazing straightaways and “s” turns. Perfect for the Mad River Rocket – the only way to sled.

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