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dream.20070320: a fair trial

by Rob Friesel

A college law class in a high school classroom. The teacher has Lawerence Lessig’s face but Warren Ellis’ beard; and Angela Lansbury’s body. I come in late and set up on top of a desk as far back in the classroom as I can. I need to change my shirt and spend the better part of the first half of the lecture wriggling out of and then back into a white t-shirt. The teacher is speaking mostly about the legal ramifications of non-violent resistance but interrupts herself every so often to admonish me. “This is not a changing room.”

Toward the end of the lecture, she has everyone get up out of their seat and lines us up. She explains a scenario wherein we’re all being arrested (real cops come in from the hall way) because we might be alcoholics. There’s no proof, of course, no substantive evidence — but an elaborate story about how someone thinks that they might have seen one or more of us passed out under a billboard — that’s good enough. The cops start to line us up and hand cuff us. I exchange a quick look with one of the other students and we start chanting about our rights to a fair trial.

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