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dream.20070410: skateboards

by Rob Friesel

We’ve moved to a town that’s three parts Barre to one part Gaithersburg. A. & I have purchased a new-to-you car that has got to be vintage 1970s and may as well require a crew of fifteen to put to sea. The car doesn’t really drive though. It mostly just rolls downhill into our driveway.

My mom makes her first visit on a day when I have approximately ten million things already on my plate. I head into town to run errands (shopping &c.) and she comes along. I head into a skateboard shop looking for … what, exactly? I don’t know. My mom and I get to talking. She keeps trying to get me to throw my cash down for this awkward-looking longboard. Instead, I’m checking out the hats. There are three that catch my eye but for some reason none of them are quite right. And I still can’t remember why I’ve even come in here in the first place.

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