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Really Advanced

by Rob Friesel

If you didn’t already hear: version 3 of Smultron (Peter Borg’s fabulous open source text editor) has been released.

With each release it becomes a stronger and stronger competitor to paid-for apps like TextMate. I use this thing every day and I seldom want for any features1. If you’re on a Mac and you don’t want to shell out for TextMate, there’s nothing quite as powerful (and yet elegant) as Smultron.

(Now you’re probably wondering about the screenshot of the preferences… Yeah, about that: I thought that the “Really Advanced” tab was freakin’ hysterical. I love it.)

  1. The folder/”tree” UI in the sidebar drawer (for directories) is about the only thing… []

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One Response to Really Advanced

ben says:

hehehehe, i love it when programmers have a sense of humor… also that THOSE are the options in “Really Advanced”… that’s awesome

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