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dream.20070515: Handmaid’s Mountain

by Rob Friesel

The scene is very much The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Wire. I am deep under cover, wired up and broadcasting every word spoken inside the mountain-top compound of these religious zealouts. So few babies are born, The Colonels have created harems for themselves, determined to beat nature’s pruning through statistically significant levels of progeny.

But something else is going on here. Families are being murdered despite this desperate need for the children. The details are sketchy; it’s all kept very quiet. For a while we knew it to be apocryphal but the evidence to the contrary just kept sneaking through. And that is why They sent me here to investigate, to pose as one of them.

I have gathered all of the information that I can; it’s unsafe to push these limits. Besides, they’re already on to me. And it’s a long trip down the mountain and they’ll almost certainly be on my tail once they notice that I’m gone.

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