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weekend review

by Rob Friesel

self-portrait (Foxfire dinner)9 o'clockfinally: 44Buca in the grass
Baby Jade & Soil macroSunset Over Lake Champlain (05-May-2007)Ben & Jerry's Signjunkie
garden #1799: measuringgarden #1842: building bedsgrill inauguration 2007grill inauguration 2007

Nutshell version? Nice dinner with some friends Friday night. Saturday was some chores plus garden surveying (and then an evening out). Sunday was the first round of planting (garlic & onions) and the grill’s 2007 seasonal inauguration.

Extended version?  Add to the above: re-potting some house plants (Saturday & Sunday), replacing a dozen incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents (Saturday), major league window washing (Sunday), giving the rabbit some play time in the lawn (Saturday), vacuuming out the winter crud from the car (Sunday), looking for the season’s first Farmer’s Market only to find out it’s next week (Saturday), first milkshake of the season (Sunday), a killer sunset (Saturday), scoring new shoes at an obscenely discounted price (Sunday), marginally improving vehicular fuel economy by deploying a fairing (Saturday), more chores (mostly cleaning and laundry; Sunday), and getting the cat totally high on catnip (Saturday & Sunday).

And now: Children of Men.

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