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by Rob Friesel

NaNoWriMo: 12-NovI decided to take Creighton’s advice and do something completely different.  I thought about my NaNoWriMo success(es) and what worked there and how much fun I had working on that project.  He was right that part of the reason for that success was that I wasn’t invested in that piece in the same way that I had (have) become in some of my other works.  (You may know what piece I’m talking about, in particular…)

So it’s not that I have given up.  I just got serious about putting real space between me and that … that … that werk.

Good whisk(e)y is aged 14 years, right?

Anyway, the wink-wink-nudge-nudge admission is that part of my time on this vacation was spent putting pen to paper in a bargain-basement sketchbook, kinking out a first draft of a short story using a lot of the same methods and techniques that I picked up in November.  I guess since I’m back from my vacation tomorrow, I can tell you all how it went.

(Or not?)

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