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dream.20070618: work it

by Rob Friesel

The whole operation has been moved down to the beach.  The computers and phones, the snake plants and half-gallon aquariums, the desks and file-holders — it’s all set up in these tents and lean-tos.  (I shudder at the quaint cliche of it all.  How Survivor…  How Lost…)  We have turned the lamps into torches and braziers, burning bits of dried leaves and wood when it gets dim.  The whole crew from work is here, set up in the sand, going about their business.

There is no air of “business as usual”.  Our desks are the beach; sand is getting into our shoes and the salt air is doing a number on the gear faster than anyone could have expected.  This is a far cry from “business as usual”.  But here we are, trying to work our way through the situation in which we now find ourselves.

Better get busy figuring it all out.

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