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dream.20070822: negotiating

by Rob Friesel

Negotiating. There’s a voice that whispers a word into your ear; sounds Japanese, starts with a “gu” sound. The word has no true English translation; it’s more of a concept than a word. It’s supposed to be a philosophy of negotiating that gets your Opponent to believe they’re getting their way when really you are getting yours. You do not know where to begin in this kind of negotiation. You imagine that your Opponent is your friend, that they believe their offer is actually a favor to you, perhaps even an improvement on your current situation. And in some ways it is. It’s a job offer and there is more money on the table — but is it really enough money to make up for how much more work your Opponent expects of you? You wonder about your Opponent’s sincerity: is he trying to take advantage of you? Or does he really believe that he is offering you the next great Opportunity of your life? That Japanese-sounding “gu” word plays again in your mind, that same disembodied voice whispering it to you. How can you play this one so that it fall to your advantage? Eye contact becomes impossible. The voice speaks again and you reach for your pen, still undecided whether to sign or scribble amendments.

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