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truth: ocassionally stranger than fiction

by Rob Friesel

Via DF: Garrett Murray on the new Apple keyboard:

The wired keyboard now has up to F19, and no dedicated volume controls. Instead, it moves the volume controls to special functions on F10, F11 and F12. You might remember those as two Expose keys and the Dashboard key. Well, not anymore. In fact, F9, the other default Expose key, is now fast-forward/next track. And the eject key, which is nearly always been the last key in the upper right of the keyboard is next to F12. Not on the end in the wired version. But it gets even strange…

new but not necessarily improved Apple keyboardI found myself thinking many of the same thoughts when I first saw the “leaked” images appear in a discussion in the Macintosh group on Flickr. The discussion cited leaked images on Gizmodo and (naturally) everyone was speculating that it was the new Apple keyboard. Most participants cited the lacking “open Apple” as evidence that it was not actually an Apple-designed keyboard. I thought to myself: if anything, the evidence is the sudden and inexplicable movement of the Dashboard and Expose keys… Not that it particularly matters. I’ll be sticking to my Logitechs, thank you very much.

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