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dream.20070905: frozen

by Rob Friesel

Class in Antarctica; a submarine to simulate zero-gravity and we are students of astronomy and sociology.  I am late for class and have been watching the opening hour on closed-circuit TV.  A cold-related injury has given me a good-enough excuse for not making it on time.  During the class’ intermission, I make my way over to the submarine classroom as best I can.  The pathway is a narrow strip of ice over a rail-less catwalk; on either side of the walkway is thin ice along the surface of the ocean.  From within the submarine, I hear the jokes of my classmates.  Walking, I slip and come crashing down on the wrong side of the walkway.  The ice holds (but barely) and I don’t slip through into the deathly freezing water.  Instead, I bounce over to the other side and nearly break through that ice as well.  I try to cling to the ground, try to crawl back onto the catwalk, but gravity is getting away from me.

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