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dream.20070925: knock-offs

by Rob Friesel

We’re stationed at the South Pole for some vague scientific experiment but our arrival feels more like we have showed up just-past-check-in at a ski-related timeshare.  The one-level apartment is split up into three bedroom (one big, two small), a  combination living/dining room with a cheap TV and DVD player, and a crowded kitchen; closets and storage space abound but come pre-stuffed with blankets, pillows, and TV tray style tables.  It’s too late to start on any work so we put away our things and put in the one DVD that came with the house.

The movie is instantly recognizable as a low-budget horror film starring some hybridized Gene Hackman/Jack Nicholson knock-off actor.  The tension of the movie builds and the first couple of fright scens play out; they’re not terribly scary but they’re timed well-enough to send a chill up a few spines.  However, two things about the film that I can’t shake: (1) that the movie is weirdly pornographic and (2) that the movie’s setting seems too similar to our domicile.  I excuse myself and retire cautiously to my room, realizing that it won’t get light outside for months.

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