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get it down, write it down

by Rob Friesel


Find every hour.  Steal every weak-willed moment back from yourself for yourself.  Fit it in.  Make time.  Write it out until you stymie.  Try something new, something different.  Arrange.  Re-arrange.  Plan it but don’t over-plan it.  Grant yourself a concession (there’s only so many hours in the week, you know).  Don’t lament.  Ask different questions.  Ask for advice.  Deal from the bottom of the deck.  Make up rules so you can break them.  Free associate.  Roll dice.

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8 Responses to get it down, write it down

Fogus says:

I have ideas in my head… and they long to be out, but I cannot get them out. Do you recall an idea we had many many years ago… the essence was thus:

MF: I have all of these great pictures in my head, but I just cannot get them down on paper.

RF: I think that is what separates us from “real” artists.



Fogus says:

I do not recall the continuation, only your insightful kernel. However, it would be great if only the “artists” got the deals… but then again, I wouldn’t be able to read “Spock Must Be Killed” right now if that were the case.


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