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by Rob Friesel

in the distance: the humpThe writing outlining and revisions prep-work for the re-write of The Great Big Writing Project continue. Averaging somewhere in the 1-2 hour range each day. Working in these small chunks seems to be working. Concentrate on segments, do it in blocks. There’s an element of frustration in there too though; the small blocks of time are all I can manage but each one shapes up like this:

where did I leave off? > go from there > cross that out, that won’t work > but if I change this > BREAKTHROUGH! > churn-churn-churn… > run out of steam…

The breakthrough moment is if I’m lucky; having to double back and make sure things fit together is a common theme. Fortunately, this weekend had three such nice moments (at least one of which was an indirect result of forcing myself through a weird writing exercise on Thursday instead of working on the outline itself).

I’ve also made liberal use of the Oblique Strategies (with varying success) and assorted links to tips and phrases and “hacks” that I’ve accumulated as (how shall we put this?) fertilizer. I’ve set an arbitrary deadline of October 1st to wrap up the outline and start with the writing again. I think I can probably make that happen. Just need to work through this next part…1

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  1. Isn’t that an echo of the last five years? []

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