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dream.20071009: the sultan’s speakers

by Rob Friesel

A friend that works at some loading dock style job has helped us to acquire a pair of very lightweight but very rugged, very sophisticated 20″ speakers.  He tells us to keep quiet about it but that goes without saying.  We thought that we’d made a clean getaway but no sooner do we get them home than he drops us a note on the sly to tell us that a pack of bike racers saw the exchange.  We need to give the speakers back, he explains, because they apparently belong to some Saudi sultanate and the speakers were designed originally to help them in deep sonar investigations of the ground, to help them find oil and other buried treasures.  As there is no denying that we were on the loading docks that day (the bikers did see us, after all), we are invited by the sultan and his chief of security about their private train.  It’s a Murder on the Orient Express style dining car where we are cross-examined about the nature of the speakers and the reasons why we may have taken them and the reasons why they need the speakers back.  We maintain our innocence but the sultan’s chief of security is not easily convinced.  He knows about the many accusations against us, he explains, and our reputations as consummate liars.  I excuse myself to use the restroom and discover a trapdoor that I use to escape the train.  Once free of the train, I find myself racing on foot down the waterfront, past oil tanks and grassy parks and boat moors…

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