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OS X 10.4.11 & Safari 3

by Rob Friesel

OS X 10.4.11 is out. Included in the update is Safari 3. Initial, 30-second impressions? Well, Safari can finally rock-and-roll with all of the WordPress editor features. So I’m happy about that. (Now to bring all of my Camino bookmarks back over…) Everything else looks like bug fixes, patches, security updates, compatibility improvements, and the like.

Goes to 11, indeed…

UPDATE: Safari doesn’t seem to “actually” play nice with the WorPress rich text editor (MCE, if I’m remembering correctly); it just LOOKS like it does?  Also: double-clicking on the tab bar MUST yield a new tab (like Camino) — none of this “right-click > New Tab” nonsense.

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