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dream.20071207: Snoop Dogg for Congress

by Rob Friesel

I am sitting in the living room attempting to assemble a child’s toy.  It is a spider that should be relatively easy to assemble.  There is a black plastic “top” and a black plastic “bottom” that look like they should just snap together.  Also in the box is a red plastic “middle” that looks like it is supposed to constitute the spider’s guts (or some such thing).  I have attempted to refer to the instructions but these are printed in some language unknown to me.  It would seem that the red “guts” would go between the black plastic top and bottom; this should be intuitive and the instructions ought to be superfluous.  However, the red piece appears to bulge out the sides and the black top and bottom do not snap snugly together.

Meanwhile, on television, commentators are going on and on about how Snoop Dogg is running for Congress in Nebraska.  “He’ll never win,” says one of the commentators.

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