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dream.20080221: WWZ (Australian edition)

by Rob Friesel

We are in some kind of municipal building in Perth.  A school?  An airport?  A swarm of people are gathered in one room.  The room is slightly crowded.  The first zombie converts; no one knows how.  He starts to bite others.  People try to force their way out of the room; the heroes try to subdue the zombie.  Something is different here though; the conversions are immediate, not gradual like Brooks described.  Our narrator (who is part Abo) slips out the window, jumping from tree limb to lamp post like some man-sized lemur.  The zombie plague spreads quickly and it is not long before the streets swarm with them.  Our narrator stays high up above them, swinging with super-human agility onto some kind of suspended tube structure that runs over the forest.  By nightfall, he has crossed the forest and is miles away from the municipal structure.  He finds himself in a small community of row houses and attempts to slip through undetected.  The zombies swarm out of the houses.  Our narrator jumps up onto cars and try to jump from there onto porticos but the zombies keep coming, trying to overwhelm him.

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