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dream.20070301: Lost Hopper

by Rob Friesel

Dramatic tension on The Island.  Oceanic 815 has so few survivors left.  In a twilight chase scene, our camera follows Kate and (I can’t make out the other face) from the beach, over a stream, and through tall vegetation that covers hills.  When they reach the other side of the hill, they discover that the geography has changed and a river now flows where once there was a field.  They stop short and suddenly discover themselves surrounded by Others.  Dennis Hopper plays the role of their leader.  He is utterly bat-shit insane.  He rambles and scolds them in an unrelenting monologue, his voice getting ever louder.  From within the underbrush, my brother (S.) stirs and slips away undetected.  He knows where a cache of guns and knives is hidden and he slips away, the camera cutting to a preview of the house and the ambush that waits for him.  Meanwhile, Dennis Hopper’s voice gets ever louder, less and less coherent, more shrill, until he starts speaking in tongues, taking on a tone like Christopher Lloyd’s character at the end of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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