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dream.20080409: advisory

by Rob Friesel

I am the literary advisor to the President of the United States of America.  It is not a Cabinet position; it’s more like being a manservant.  The pay is adequate and the uniform is the most comfortable suit I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing but it also is not what I had in mind when they first asked me.  I do not make book recommendations.  The Stately Old Bastard gets lists of titles from Secretaries of State and War and Agriculture and Miscellany; instead, I stand by to enforce his taxonomy and to retrieve and to take notes.  Many evenings he discards his recommendations and asks me to fetch a different title for him.  Only he can’t remember the title; he describes the cover and expects me to fetch it from the library.  “You remember the one I’m talking about?  With the blue cover?  It has a design on it but only on the upper half.  And it isn’t a fancy design either.  Oh and it’s not thick.”  And I retire to the library momentarily to plow the stacks for this phantom binding.

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