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dream.20080419: preemptive sneak attack

by Rob Friesel

A gorgeously shot historical drama featuring Roy Scheider?  An outward naval base is attacked during events leading up to Pearl Harbor.  You know instinctively that the attackers must be Japanese but they film features them all as Soviets.  They sweep in with their planes and fast attack boats and lay waste to their base.  Scheider’s character (a resourceful Lieutenant) is the only survivor and makes for Pearl Harbor to warn the navy of the coming attack.  He swims as fast as he can, making every effort to stay below the surface.  The camera follows him underwater through a flotilla of native boats — small outriggers and other sailboats with what look like Polynesians.  The Soviet/Japanese navy cuts through this tangle of natives as well, dropping mines and searching for survivors.  Scheider hides under boats and in snarls of coral.  His escape is constantly under threat.

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