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dream.20080716: falls

by Rob Friesel

We spend far too long at the store.  Between the research and the trying out different items and then finally filling in all the paperwork for the service agreements and all of that.  Since when did A. become obsessed with HDMI?  And why?  She has even gone so far as to say that this whole purchase is to improve the music at the house.  I suppose that could be the case…  But then why the large flat-panel television?  She mentions the musical news like in Lethem’s Gun, With Occasional Music but I’m not buying it.  Someone has gotten to her.  And as soon as we leave the store with this cart full of electronic apparatuses, the curb gives way to a waterfall.  The water seems to start just under the box store and runs down, falling at least a hundred feet.  Something suspicious down there.  The cart is gone and A. and I are strapping ourselves into climbing harnesses handed over from unseen hands.  We need to climb down and inspect the caves behind the falls.  It will be a delicate and difficult climb down.  Flashes of memory, of some crime committed; a series of ambiguous and increasingly bizarre crimes.  We slip over the side and begin down.

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