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dream.20081013: buffet style

by Rob Friesel

We are attending what is probably the worst organized party in history; certainly it’s the worst organized party we’ve ever attended.  The party is being hosted in a house that is entirely too large for the man that lives in it — one of those over-paid executives with no kids that still finds it acceptable to put down a 6,000 square foot bootprint in his neighborhood.  I suppose it’s supposed to be a holiday party but the decorations are not terribly festive.  I am there with A. but we soon get separated.  We had assumed that this would be a sit-down banquet and instead we discover that the food is served as a buffet.  But the elements of the buffet are scattered across multiple rooms and multiple floors of the house.  We assume at first that these are simply appetizers strategically scattered about the party but soon we discover that this is it, these are the entrees and the sides — racks of ribs, whole fish filets, steak tournedos, vegetable kebabs…  But the cutlery is plastic, the dishes are little more than paper, and there is no place to sit down.  I get frantic looking for A. as the party whips itself into a frenzy.

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