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dream.20081126: haircut

by Rob Friesel

I’m in New York state as part of a secret government agency that has sent me to retrieve (extradite?) Omar Little (from The Wire).  His van has been stolen and he needs some help getting out of the town but he’s also suspected of a series of crimes here.  Naturally he maintains his non-involvement and stresses to local authorities that he is in fact working with us.

While in the town, I stop to get my hair cut.  Outside of the barber shop, I see two women that look familiar (J.W.? from Flickr?) though I am positive that I have never met them.  As I get closer, it appears that they are either doppelgängers of each other or else identical twins — they have the same face, hair, and body; only their clothes are different.  The woman closer to the door smiles and asks me to come on inside, that she isn’t waiting on any clients.  We go inside the barber shop and there is only one other stylist (an Italian woman that barely speaks any English).

Once seated in the chair, I decide to play dumb — that it would be creepy and weird if I gave any indication of recognition.  On the other hand, she launches right into, giving no pretenses that she “thinks” or “believes” that she knows me from online — she just comes right out and says it and asks me to pick up a story wherever I’d left off.  I start to talk about the writing projects I have in the works, she explains that the woman outside isn’t her twin but a sort of clone.  She determines that I don’t actually need a haircut and offers me a close shave instead.

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