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dream.20090411: dinner at Sonar

by Rob Friesel

The whole “Extended Family” (plus “the new favorites”) is here for the occasion. The whole old school SMCM crew. It’s a pot luck and everyone has pulled put all the stops. There’s a little bit of everything: spicy beef tips, a herbed crusty bread, an Indian dish with lots of curry… I’ve dropped off my dish (a savory cream of bacon soup) on the buffet table and work on setting up the decks here at “the old” Sonar. Granted, they already have the house gear set up but we want to go nuts with four turntables and four CD decks. We’re having trouble finding room for everything but we’re making progress. But people are starting to sit down so I turn to start spinning but my brother has stepped in to take the first turn. Part of me is a little jealous but then I smell all that food again….

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